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About Big Chris
I have been making knives since 2009. I worked in a machine shop for nine years until I decided to become a stay at home dad.

I currently have three children, the oldest of which is 3.   My hobby of making knives has allowed me the freedom to stay at home with my children and form a greater father-child bond.

I received my first knife (a Case XX) when I was five years old. Since then, a knife has been my constant companion.

I am an Eagle Scout and Wood Badge trained.

I like the outdoors, specifically cutting stuff up in the outdoors.
Services Offered
Custom Knifework- Your design or mine or a combination of the two.

I make camp knives, kitchen knives, choppers, hunting knives, anything from 5 inches to 22 inches, or larger if that is what you desire.

I work in a variety of steels including: 01, CPM 3V, CPM S90V, CPM 10V, CPM S35VN, CPM 154, 440C, S7, D2, M390, 1084.

I make Custom Kydex and Leather sheaths.

I try to do all of my own heat treating.  Every knife produced from 2013 on, will get a cryogenic treatment as part of the heat treat process.

I am beginning to do custom regrinds on production folders to improve edge geometry and cutting performance.
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